IT Consultancy

Henderson Services Llp has undertaken the following ICT Consultancy assignments on behalf of the clients listed below: -

Clients & Assignments

Requirement: General ICT Support/Strategies/Investigations etc.

Sector: Education:

 General Teaching Council for EnglandBirmingham2010/11

Sector: Marine Insurance & Finance

 Collidge & PartnersMargate1998/2011

Requirement: ICT Support @ Start up

Sector: Marine Services

 Thames Gateway Marine ServicesLondon2010/2011

Requirement: New Building Support

Sector: Education:

 Aston UniversityBirmingham2004/5
 Joseph Chamberlain 6th Form CollegeBirmingham2006/7

Requirement: Staff Reorganisation

Sector: Education:

 Aston UniversityBirmingham2004/5

Requirement: Post Acquisition ICT Review

Sector: Logistics & Distribution:

 ASL (International Air Freight) Heathrow2010
 ASL (International Air Freight) Heathrow2005
 EFS (Transport Company) Dover2005

Requirement: Gateway Project Review

Sector: Parcels & Distribution:

 NCN (Parcels Company)Birmingham2003